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Design Consultations

Getting expert advice and support with your project doesn't need to be expensive or complicated.


Feeling overwhelmed with choice, or don't know where to start with your project? Ever wished you could call in some quick advice from an experienced friend to set you on the right path?

Design consultations are exactly that – your own personal interior designer on speed dial! A simple consultation that can be used can be to talk through any aspect of your project. They can be used as often as you need and are available online via Zoom or in person.


What can you use design consultations for?

Colour consulting, and selecting paint colours:

For what can seem like a simple task, choosing paint colours can be overwhelming. 

Ask anyone who has had to choose a simple white - there are literally thousands of options available in one single shade!


A design consultation can be used to select for paint colours for the interior or exterior of your home. 


Provide an editable painting schedule in excel formal, which we will fill out with the selected colours, and you can provide to your builder or painter.

Preparing your home for sale:

A lot of preparation required to get your property ready for market. Particularly if you have been in your home for a long time, it can be difficult to have the detachment to step back and see your home as a house, and a product free of personal investment. 


Making any alterations or improvements prior to sale, important they are free from personal taste and work with the home to appeal to the wider market. 


Pre-sale design consultations can provide advice on what to keep and what to store/ remove, pre-sale renovations including painting and maintenance and styling using your own furniture and décor – either existing or by adding new pieces for you to keep and take to your new home. 

When buying a new home:

Often one of the biggest challenges for people when buying a home, is being able to see the potential beyond its current presentation. 


A design consultation can help you look over the floor plan to determine how it suits your lifestyle, potential opportunities for improvements, ideas around furnishing, styling, and advice on minor alterations such as flooring, painting and window treatments

General Design & Styling Advice:

Particularly helpful for DIY design, Talk through design ideas, define your style, talk through trades and supplier options, help collate design ideas and samples to refines. 

NOTE - Design Consultations are intended to support with and offer conceptual design and ideas only. For specific and detailed design, documentation, material & finishes selections, other packages will be required. 

Plant Mirror Reflection

Online Zoom Consults

Book for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Additional time charged in 15 minute blocks, as needed. 

Pinterest board created to discuss and share ideas. 


$125 p/h

In Person Design Consults

Up to 1.5 hour in home appointment to discuss any aspects of your project.

Follow up supporting documentation to include written summary with inspirational images and personalised Pinterest board.


Package $325

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