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Living Space Philosophy


Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are constantly relating to and interacting with the space that surround us. It's the place that encapsulates and holds the daily lives of us, our families, our friends and our work. 

The quality of our space has the ability to support or hinder the activity of our daily lives. Maybe you know that feeling when your space is a mess, and you feel scattered, unsettled and not on top of things? Then you clean, and not only your space has changed but your mood and feeling of settlement too.


In the world today, and more than ever, we are bombarded with pictures of what our interiors, and our lives can look like. 

These can form a great source of inspiration, but ultimately, creating a beautiful space, that uniquely supports and enriches the people within it doesn't start with pictures, it starts with YOU.

Each and every one of us is our own 'living expert' on our lives, and the things that we need to make us feel at home - not just in our space, but within our selves. 

My job is simply to connect to this and draw out the inner mastery of you, and support you to externalise that into a space that confirms this. 

Amazing design is about YOU falling in love with your space - over and over again. Spaces that you wake up to, or walk back in and say 'my god, I love my home so much!'

Whatever your budget, style, lifestyle or scope. Simple, accessible design is for everyone, and every space. 



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